This site hosts simple examples of some features of HTML5, JavaScript and Third-Party APIs like Google Maps

Take a look at each page and the html source for details


Some examples use cutting-edge features and so please note that not all demos will work in all browsers



Get Lat Long coordinates from device

Get location and show on Google Maps

Get multiple locations and show on Google Maps


Detect if the browser is online or offline

Jquery / JavaScript

Jquery to show or hide Links on a page

Selected text on a page and highlighting

Using Data Attributes for unit conversion

Simple example with spin.js from Felix Gnass

Web Audio

Play sound from a URL with the Web Audio API - minimal example

Play sound from a file with Web Audio and display as a sonogram

Example file using Mozilla Labs Towtruck

Demos of Speech Synthesis Interface in Google Chrome

Recording Audio from Microphone with Web Audio

Speech Recognition

Example application using the Web Speech Recognition API

The same example but capturing audio and displaying a spectrogram


All the code is written by Robert Jones and freely distributed under the terms of the MIT license